What is Cast Stone?

ARCHITECTURAL CAST STONE is a highly a refined architectural concrete building unit manufactured to simulate natural cut stone

How long has Cast Stone been around?

The product was first used extensively in London in the year 1900 and in America around 1920. Since the early 1920’s, cast stone has earned widespread acceptance in the architectural community as a superior replacement for many masonry materials and for all types of natural cut building stone

Are there any limitations to color or texture?

No! Cast Stone can be made in any color or texture desired.

Is there a difference between Wet Cast Stone and Dry Cast Stone?

No! Both manufacturing methods are made to the same specification.

What is the specification for Cast Stone?

Cast Stone can be found in Division 4 under 04720.

What states does Indiana Cast Stone ship to?

We can ship anywhere in the United States

Can I buy direct?

Depending on the market, yes. Please check our dealer network to see if there is someone near you.

Is Cast Stone cheaper than limestone?

Cost per unit depends greatly on specifications and bid documents. On an average, however, cast stone costs less than quarried stone.

Is Cast Stone as durable as limestone and other natural stone products?

Properly manufactured, designed and installed, cast stone can result in an architectural project of enduring beauty to be enjoyed for decades

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